Terms and conditions of use

General business conditions of VirtualDizajn

The definitions of the:

  • Client > legal entity (company or Association), a craft that is the physical person of hereafter referred to as the client
  • Perpetrator > VirtualDizajn hereafter referred to as the perpetrator
  • Graphic and text materials > design elements, graphics, photographs, text, logos, trademark, etc.hereafter referred to as graphic and text materials
  • Audio and video materials > all electronic audio and video materials, hereafter referred to as Audio and video materials

Copyright, logo, watermark (brand, trademark)

The client unconditionally guarantees that all graphic and text materials and Audio and video materials in 100% ownership of the client.Thus the client agrees and shall bear all responsibility when the publication of Graphic and text materials and Audio and video materials on the Internet, IE.through your website. The client unconditionally guarantees to the Perpetrator that will for making the page solely to supply its own Graphics and text materials/Audio and video materials.

Obligations Of The Client

All the necessary materials for making web pages will deliver the Client by email or ftp or cd/dvd, the client undertakes to deliver Video and text materials and Audio and video materials in the agreed deadlines, the client agrees that it is only responsible for the content of published, displayed, distributed through your domain and web space.

The client agrees to be responsible for any resulting damages that may result or arise out his bailiff's Office by using the services, Customer agrees to the perpetrator is not responsible for the content that is published, displayed, distributed through your domain, web space, email, server and etc.

The client agrees to pay for the damage financially to the Perpetuator for each incurred the cost of lawsuits, disputes, etc.and to: postage, legal, legal fees, costs of sending mail, etc.in the double height of the costs incurred.

Obligations Of The Perpetrator

The perpetrator undertakes to do all ordered services in the agreed deadlines, and that a professional, high-quality, conscientiously and responsibly.If the perpetrator is not able to deliver the agreed services in a timely fashion will inform the client.
The perpetrator cannot take responsibility for copyright infringement due to the Graphic and text materials and Audio and video materials submitted by the client.

The perpetrator is not obligated to correct spelling and grammatical errors and is not responsible for the quality of the submitted picture, etc.other errors submitted by the client.

The final project of making a web site is the property of the customer and therefore the perpetrator does not claim any copyright on the project done.A template for a website only is valid only for a single web site, IE.the www address. Rights to photos, graphics of any third-party, such as source code, etc., always remain the property of their respective owners.

CMS pages development

Site was created in opensource tool WordPress CMS. For the production of pages use the template done IE.template in which we're putting the minimum graphic changes and that your logo and images to 4 subpages.The recommendation is to be renewed in order maintenance service always had a new updated version of WordPress.The template that is being used on your page is licensed only for that URL, IE.the Web domain. If you change the domain name please contact us to update your license.Your license for the domain design is permanent and there is no time limit restrictions on use.VirtualDizajn is not responsible for any damage as a result of hacking page.

Terms and payment methods

When the perpetrator has received the order and the apparent payment starts with the realization of the project.Executioner offers the following methods of payment:
  • General payment slips, credit transfer
  • Banks, post offices, internet banking, etc.
  • Paypal

It is not possible to ordered project/web development to pay in installments or in part.

Realization of the project

The first phase of the project:

  • free consultations on the project of making a website for a client;
  • order, send a quote by a mail to the client;
  • payment according to the official offer of the Perpetrator.

The second phase of the project:

  • The client shall provide all the necessary Graphic and text materials/Audio and video materials;
  • Perpetrator delivers 1 predefined template;
  • The client selects the finished template for the final project;
  • creating a web page according to the selected template.
The third phase of the project:
  • verification of the final project by the client;
  • The client sends a confirmation email to Izvršiocu everything's okay or they need additional changes/fixes;
  • The perpetrator publishes certified project by the client on web address/domain of the client.

Important: If the client has not submitted the Perpetrator Graphic and text materials/Audio and video materials, then the perpetrator is not in a position to start to work.


The client is obliged to check the final project and any subsequent claims for the modification of texts and graphics are coming into our schedule (5 h free maintenance of the site and updates content during the first year).

The client is obliged to review the final project and no later than within 10 days to advertise the necessary changes.Any subsequent complaints, corrections, or create new pages, images, and etc.We charge according to our official price list.

If the client gives up in the course of realization of the project the perpetrator can be granted a refund minus the work consumed.The finished/realized and certified projects is not possible refund.Any dispute, the Parties shall endeavour to resolve by mutual agreement and in case of dispute, the competent court in Zenica.

Website maintenance, changes and new pages

Each of our website design package contains 5 h free maintenance of existing pages that refers to the right to change the content and pictures during the first year.

All other changes, updates, new pages, images, etc. it is necessary to buy via our official price list.

All changes and new pages exclusively Client orders delivered to the account with the authorized email addresses to the official email address the perpetrators.

Translation of the pages in other languages, I took care of the client or is it possible to order a translation service pages via our partner.

When the client submits the translation of texts Of will create from existing web pages and replace duplicate/set translation according to the current price list for 1 hour of work = $20.

Website optimization (SEO) 

The perpetrator cannot offer guarantees to certain positions in the web search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

All search engines have their own algorithms according to which ranked individual web pages, and thus we can not bear the responsibility for the worse position on the search engines.
Acceptance of a website in search engines depends entirely on search engines themselves, and to the specified process accepts the Perpetrator unfortunately I can affect.

Web hosting, domain registration and privacy

The client is not obliged to use the services of a Perpetrator for web hosting and domain name, and the use of web hosting and domain names of third parties in accordance with the official terms and conditions of service and the privacy policy of third parties listed above.

Amendments to the terms and conditions of business

The perpetrator can make additional changes and amendments in the terms and conditions.

Final provisions

After the client check web site and make the certification by mail that the project is finished, and that everything is all right with all the links, pages, graphics, etc.It is considered that it is satisfied with their Perpetrators service.

By using the/order our services, web development and web hosting Client accepts our Terms of business.